Why SEO Matters

Google Searches made every SECOND!
Global Daily Searches

SEO is one of the main keys for a successful website or blog. Basically, the goal of SEO is to help tell the search engines who you are, what you do, what you sell etc. Every SECOND over 45,000 people search for something on Google…that’s more than 4.4 billion searches made every day from Google alone. Added to the many other search engines, in 2017, the average daily searches was over 6.5 billion! There are many search engines out there. Google being the leader with a global share of over 77%.


To help grow your business today, you have to have an online presence. Whilst building a website is the first step, the second (and most important step) is showing up for relevant search terms in Google. Being positioned high in Google Search Engine Results Pages (or SERPs) can dramatically boost your business. Think of it as a shop. Those on the high street will receive more than those on a back street. To get your website “on the high street”, you have to have good placement results on Google.


SEO is time consuming. There are NO instant results! All new websites will encounter a period of time before even showing up on given search terms. This is mainly down to the time it takes Google’s robots to crawl and index your site – sometimes within weeks, other times… months. No one knows or can tell you how long this period will be for your own website. Therefore, look at SEO as a marathon and not a sprint. Do research (or have research done by us) for the best keywords related to your business. We can pull information such as how many people entered certain keywords per month, week or year, how strong the competition is for that keyword etc etc. When done, it is easy to then judge the expected amount of visits your website will receive depending on the SERP position. A money value can be placed on a set keyword. For example: “Keyword” organic position 3 will receive 700 clicks per month. Site conversion rate is “5.8%” with an average conversion value of “£££”. By doing this calculation you can clearly see an annual expected rise in turnover and determine how much time, effort and money on SEO each keyword is worth. Our clients have 24hr access to “real time” data showing current positions on Google and Bing. This is the easiest way for us to show clear SEO benefits to their website. There are 100’s of SEO companies out there who have no transparency and who charge hundreds or thousands per month for SEO for little or no work. You may have experienced this already…I know we have in the past!