Keyword Data

Understanding relevant keywords related to your business is crucial as well as knowing how people actually search for certain terms. For example, if you were selling gates in the UK you may think that the term “Back Gates” would generate more search traffic and focus SEO on that specific search term without realising that the term “Garden Gates” actually has 8x more searches per month! Just because you name something a certain way does not mean it generates the most traffic.


Understand your Competition:


Small, local based companies wanting to gain online presence generally do so a lot quicker than companies who are nationwide. For example, a beautician in Exeter can easily achieve a page one listing under the keywords “Beautician Exeter”. For local based companies it is straight forward to add what the company does with a location of where the company is based. This is the same for all types of businesses such as driving schools, plumbers, vets etc etc.


When it comes to companies selling nationwide you have to go much deeper. For example, if your company sells “Leather Sofas” you have some major companies to compete with if you were trying to gain an organic rank one for that keyword term. Therefore, you would be better to focus on secondary keywords terms rather than primary, for example “Red Leather Sofas”.


Keyword Data Method:


There are free keyword tools out there which give you a range of information such as suggestions for search terms, monthly and annual searches made and country data. They do however lack base performance of your keyword placements, any movements, rankings against competitors, links and more info which is crucial to a successful marketing approach. Our software gives you real time data making it easier to come up with the right marketing plan.


Keyword Data:


Here is the platform at work…and yes it’s real data from a company we do the SEO for!

Keyword data reports and analysis

This is from a company called “Gates and Fences UK”. They currently have 184 number one keyword placements (page one, number one on Google). To test, simply type in “Driveway Gates” on Google!

As you can see, it shows you the keyword, placement number on Google, estimated monthly visits and estimated monthly search terms.

SEO Keyword Performance

Above we have the last full month report showing over 30,000 organic monthly visits for November 2017.

This is just a fraction of what our software does (just most relevant to our Keyword Data page!). It also gives you link data, both you and your competitors, site audit, page health, site speed, content analysis, indexation reports, keyword density, image errors, SEO vs PPC, organic visits by engine, organic goal conversions and much much more – a great tool for any successful online company.

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