Foundation SEO

Foundation SEO is basically giving search engines the data and code it needs to be able to read the website. Without it, the search engine will struggle to know what the website is all about! It’s crucial to get this right – there is no point in having built a flashy site to end up with zero traffic! After the SEO Analysis on your site has been complete, you are ready for the foundation SEO. We offer this in two ways – first, we do it for you, or, we give you a list of things for you (or your web developer) to change (cheaper option). Don’t be embarrassed to ask them to change it…a lot of website developers only concentrate on the site itself and leave the SEO out! Or, we can do it for you.

Meta Title and Meta Description

Whether you’ve built the website yourself, or have had the site built for you, we often find the meta title and meta description to be either entered incorrectly or not there at all. This is a crucial error – both for Google and for attracting users to enter the site!

What are Meta Titles and Meta Description?

Basically, this is what shows up on a SERP (search engine results page). For example, if you were to search in Google, “Driveway Gates”, this is what you would see.

SERP Example by Brikroad

The “Meta Title” includes the targeted keyword (in this example, Driveway Gates). It also includes a popular variation to the keyword (Entrance Gate) then followed by the company name – Gates and Fences UK. Every website page needs to have a targeted keyword related to that specific page. It should be the first thing that is placed on a meta title.

As for the “Meta Description”, Google has recently (end of 2017) allowed more characters to be visible. Previously it was approx 160, now 320. The description needs to include the keyword. Google doesn’t like spam so refrain from entering “Driveway Gates, Driveway Gates, Driveway Gates!”. This example uses a powerful start word “Discover” followed by information regarding the page/ product and ends with a CTA (call to action) being “Find a driveway gate that really does make an entrance“.


What is shown on a SERP is important. You could be number one for a certain keyword but if your description and title is lacking enthusiasm…everyone will move past without clicking. On the other hand, your keyword might be position 5 but the SERP is on point You end up attracting more users through to your site than other websites above!